On April 1st, the ELD mandate goes into full effect.  ARE YOU READY ?

For those still looking for an ELD or for those already compliant but struggling with their device, we rounded up 5 tips that will help you get through the countless devices in the market, so you can choose the best one for your needs:

Tip #1

  • Focus on Ease-of-Use: Search for a solution that is easy-to-use for both the fleet manager and the driver.

Tip #2

  • Independent ELD: If you already have a fleet management solution and want to keep it – look for a plug & play ELD that can work independently from your fleet management system.

Tip #3

  • Look for a Combined Solution: If you don’t have a fleet management system or are not happy with what you have, look for an ELD combined with Fleet management. This will reduce expenses and hassle as your ELD will be part of a single solution combining all of the fleet management features in one elegant, plug & play device.

Tip #4

  • Check Compliance: There are numerous companies offering ELD devices. Make sure you buy a device that is compliant with the latest regulations and that works on either Bluetooth ELD / USB or is part of a WiFi hotspot. Beware of a cellular based ELD!

Tip #5

  • Check the ELD Manufacturer: Most ELD providers are resellers. You want an ELD provider that owns the ELD hardware and software technology so when it comes to servicing you, your ELD provider depends on no one .

We at Wireless Links are excited to offer you the industry’s most innovative and intuitive, yet most affordable fully FMCSA compliant & Canadian DOT compliant solutions for ELD/DVIR/IFTA. The solution can be either stand-alone or integrated with fleet management for added visibility and fleet efficiency.