4 Benefits of a Route Planning Software for Fleet Drivers

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Routing aims to identify the most economical and efficient path from one point to another. Suppose you manage the deliveries for your clients in different locations of the city and have to deliver all the logistics on a tight deadline. It can be challenging for your fleet drivers to reach all your clients in time without any proper planning. They have to endure busy day traffic, weather conditions, and other hassles, which leads to delayed deliveries. As a result, you face negative customer reviews. However, if you can plan an efficient route for your fleet drivers to follow, they can avoid the hassle of going through inaccurate routes.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of an efficient route optimization software to increase the satisfaction of your fleet drivers. So let’s get started:

1. Driver Retention

Optimal route planning reduces the expense of working overtime, improving efficiency in the pace of work. Routing makes a driver’s job easier, improving job satisfaction and helping companies attract new drivers. An optimized route creates loads and schedules that allow the drivers a longer stretch of time off for relaxation, recovery, and family time. As driver shortages are a reality, driver retention is one of the most important aspects of a successful fleet.

2. Predictable Schedules

When you follow a predictive schedule for your fleet drivers, they stay loyal to the business. With route planning in place, drivers can focus on doing their job rather than spending their time on traffic jams, route mistakes, or planning out the day’s route on their own. All this is possible with effective route planning software. This tool reduces error and stress while the driver is on a task. For instance, Wireless Links route optimization software allows for a location comment feature, which lets drivers know the specifics about where to make a delivery before they get there, eliminating the frustration of searching for a delivery location. Therefore, they don’t waste time on unnecessary surprises or unknowns and complete all deliveries within the expected time.

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3. Bonuses for the Fleet Drivers

Proper route planning software increases the drivers’ bonuses if they earn based on deliveries. When they must take lesser time for a single delivery, they can complete more tasks during working hours. Optimal routes affect your business growth by increasing the number of orders. Fleet drivers spend less time in traffic and more time making deliveries. Your driver’s performance will attract more potential clients. An easy management system will entice more drivers to your business.

4. Empowering Drivers with Driver App

You can reduce downtime on each delivery with the help of good quality route planning software through proper route mapping. Routing software includes features that take route conditions into consideration like intersections, turns, left-hand turns, traffic, weather, and roadway conditions.

Even with all the right planning, there are always surprises. 

Fleets are starting to emphasize empowering drivers with tools to execute against plans such as driver apps and real-time data that are more important than ever.

A well-designed app gives drivers the right information at the right time; this helps reduce back-and-forth between the driver and dispatch, helping both parties save time.

Drivers should also be able to use their app to see upcoming routes, navigate to their next stop, and be notified when making stops out of sequence. 


Many transportation services turn to applications such as Waze or Google Maps to map out a specific route for swift transportation. These simple GPS navigation apps help the fleet driver with few undemanding deliveries. Larger logistic delivery services require a more optimal solution to plan a route. In short, route planning software allows drivers to focus on their tasks and get the job done, reducing the downtime on traffic jams, inaccurate planning, and routing mistakes. For managers, routing optimization could deliver tremendous savings in terms of reduced wear and tear on vehicles, savings in driver payroll, lower fuel spend, and improved customer service (via better on-time performance). 

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