3 ELD Disasters That Should Scare You

Not terrifying ghosts nor wretched witches –

Here are 3 really spooky ELD disasters that should scare you…

Halloween costumes can get pretty spooky these days. Especially when your own child suddenly bears a horrible resemblance to Frankenstein…

But fleets, drivers and owner-operators have other, far spookier things to think about – like how to make ELD compliance not a complete waste of everyone’s time.

Not every ELD supplier can deliver a robust and reliable solution and on your end- implementing a new solution can end in a complete disaster. The trick is learning from others mistakes to avoid the same results!

So, to that end, here are 3 spooky ELD disasters to avoid. Knowledge is power!

Disaster #1: One Too Many Systems

You have one system for GPS tracking, you have another system for fleet management, another for temperature monitoring and another separate system for ELD. Eww, that’s so tiring. Just making sure that these systems are in sync drains out the productivity and benefit of getting a system in the first place. Not to mention of what happens if all of a sudden a new need or regulation arises, such as the upcoming elog mandate regulations in Canada. Now you need to get another system for that? Just the thought of it makes us spooked!   

If you want to gain real value and productivity from a system , look for a complete integrated system. It would be much more productive for your business and your team to get one solution that answers all your needs. Also, if a need arises in the future, it will be easy-peasy to add on to it rather that start getting another system and integrating. And we didn’t mention the cost savings of having one system compared to many systems.

Disaster #2: Lack of Record Keeping for ELD Exemptions.

Qualifying for the “short-haul exception”, means you are exempt from the ELD mandate, NOT from record keeping!

As a carrier, you still must maintain a specific time record on the driver when utilizing either the 100-Air-Mile Radius Exception or the 150-Air-Mile Radius Exception. The records must show:

  • The time the driver reports for duty each day.
  • The time the driver is released from duty each day.
  • The total number of hours on duty each day.
  • Total time on duty for the preceding seven days for drivers used for the first time or intermittently.

Take a look at this FMCSA ELD exemption blog post for the full list of exemptions and what is required of you.

Disaster #3- A Low-Cost ELD Solution

When the official ELD mandate kicked in on April 1st, 2018, multiple companies reported major problems from their ELD devices. Some of the problems occurred due to “childhood” issues, but most occured due to fleets buying low-cost ELD solutions from new suppliers with no track record. While it’s always tempting to purchase low cost equipment, there is usually a reason for a low price tag on a specific solution, whether it be cheaper hardware accessories or lower costs of technology development. Take a look at some reported issues in this article from Overdrive.

Investing in a sturdy and robust solution will pay off in the long run in the form of solid performance and avoiding ELD headaches which will cost you a lot more.

Admit it- now you’re really spooked…

So Halloween seems to be a pretty helpful reminder of how to avoid what we’re so afraid of: in this case, implementing an ELD solution that is a colossal waste of everyone’s time.

The point is, if you’re committed to implementing an ELD solution (or any new solution) the right way, with the proper decision making, and are truly passionate about bettering organizational performance, then these disasters should scare you much more than the creepy creatures coming to trick-or-treat at your doorstep. Although let’s face it- they are quite spooky…

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