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RFID Waste Management GPS Fleet Tracking System & Telematics​

Improve churn on services, boost profitability and continuously know where bins and roll-off containers are located for enhanced asset security, with our top rated easy-to-use fleet management solution for the waste industry. Combining RFID technology with advanced GPS telematics devices, the solution will significantly improve your bottom line and will provide you with the control you are lacking on any size application of waste management vehicles, roll off containers, roll-off dumpsters, non-powered assets, waste fleets or residential bins. 

Track delivery date, time and quantity. Gain visibility on last known location of every asset and for how long it has been parked at the customer’s site.

Know which asset was picked up and dropped off, when and where and by which truck and driver

Bill your customers on accurate, up to the second data and solve billing issues as you now have visibility on your inventory.

How it works


Remove The Pain Of Always Searching For Your Assets

By placing wireless, waterproof Active RFID tags on every roll-off container, receive immediate visibility on last known location and for how long it has been parked at the customer’s site. Use this valuable data to bill your customers with accurate, up to the second data. 

Waste Management Fleet Tracking System & Solutions

Optimize Waste Collection

Optimize the waste collection operation by auto-logging location and pick-up events with integrated RFID placed on bins, sending the data to the driver’s Android Tablet and to your platform. 

Rapidly Respond To Roll-off Container, Asset or Bin Theft

Set a geofence boundary radius and a boundary within a boundary and get alerts upon exit/entrance of boundary and on sudden vibrations, enabling you to rapidly respond to equipment malfunctions and other critical conditions that could jeopardize your valuable assets .

Fleet Tracking System geofence alerts and boundaries

Reduce Operational Costs

Reduce operational costs with engine diagnostic alerts and generate reports on: 

Battery levels,
Engine speed,
Engine load percentage,
Fuel percentage,
Fuel consumption,
Average fuel rate (gal/h) and more

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Passive RFID

RFID gps roll off dumpster container tracking system

Active RFID

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Frequently Asked Questions

A waste management system using RFID tracks your assets such as roll-off containers and bins, with the help of RFID chips placed on these assets to identify and track them.

RFID chips placed on waste bins identify and monitor waste collection such as waste pickup.

Tracking the usage of your waste vehicles, powered assets, and unpowered assets with engine diagnostics and maintenance alerts will automatically remind your team about oil changes and maintenance checks on tires and other components. You can use this feature to properly service vehicles and assets, reduce costs, and avoid breakdowns. Depending on usage, you will be able to customize maintenance alerts for each vehicle and asset.

Comprehensive yet simple reporting system allows you to analyze various aspects of your fleet, for example: Exact data on pick-up /drop-off of roll-off container, asset or bin including when and where and by which truck and driver, Length of time on a route, distance traveled, unplanned / planned stops, Last location, Speed and direction of waste fleet, Fuel Report , Engine diagnostics including battery level, RPM and odometer and many more!

The cost depends on your specific requirements and features and volume. Speak to us today to get a price quote.

Identify & Track your roll-off dumpsters & containers with our RFID GPS waste management solution. Place RFID chips on each roll container and dumpster to gain location visibility and improve inventory control.

You are able to set a geofence boundary radius and get alerts upon exit/entrance of boundary and on sudden vibrations.

Improve waste management churn by implementing the tracking solution for your roll off container and dumpsters. You will right away be able to see and account for your inventory. This will allow you to better bill your customers and know where your assets are at all times.

The benefits of tracking roll-off dumpsters or containers tracking include improved churn on services, boosted profitability and continuously knowing where roll-off containers are located for enhanced asset security.