When IoT and telematics come together for a connected fleet

Fleet Management • Asset Tracking • Temperature Monitoring • ELD • Dash Cam • LoRa

For Fleet Managers & End Users

Our industry leading hardware solutions, packaged with our powerful Fleet.Net web based platform and ELD Compliance solutions, provide small and large businesses alike with the industry’s most powerful, real-time GPS fleet management and asset tracking platform.

For Integrators & Software Developers

We provide the industry’s most flexible, modular and easily customizable telematics platform to meet your customers’ requirements. More than 150 integrators in 25 countries use Wireless Links’ Piccolo Platform of GPS Telematics & ELD devices to differentiate themselves via innovation and unique functionalities in their local markets.

IOT fleet management solutions by wireless links

Upgraded to Lead Telematics into IoT

In addition to its telematics functionalities, various IoT BLE tags have been integrated with the Piccolo platform. This added feature enables our devices to act as IoT Gateways which collects, processes, and forwards IoT data to the server – thus enabling countless IoT applications in additon to traditional tracking solutions.

IoT Fleet Management Applications

Trusted by Fleets Across Industries

Vehicle Tracking

Trailer Tracking

Cold Chain Solutions

Asset Tracking

Heavy Equipment Tracking

Waste Management

Cold Room Monitoring

Student Monitoring & School Bus Tracking

Tool Tracking

Yard Management

Medical Equipment Tracking

ELD Compliance

Dual Facing Dashcam

Route Optimization

IoT Solutions

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