Yard Management

Yard Management Solution

Track your Assets Precise Location
& Create greater yard efficiency

Real-time data allows to easily and efficiently find your assets and reduce loss or theft.

Eliminate manual yard hunts and monitor the inventory of your assets with a push of a button.

Better streamline the movement of items and people within your locations. 

How it works

Tag any asset with solar powered IoT RFID tags

  • When assets are moved around the yard, the location and time of drop off are recorded.
  • Helps with inventory management and fast and easy identification of the last location of every asset in the yard.


Solar Powered Active RFID Tag

Solar recharge capability eliminates labor intensive and time consuming manual battery charging , increasing productivity and efficiency while reducing maintenance costs.

Yard Asset Visibility & Control ​

The easy-to-use cloud based platform provides a visualized dashboard allowing you to easily and efficiently find pallets, machinery and other goods in the yard.


inventory management reports

  • Keep records of leased assets
  • Improve customers experience
  • Fill orders in an efficient manner
  • Visibility into the equipment inventory

We Offer The Following Devices To Meet Your Needs & Requirements:

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Solar Powered RFID asset Tag GPS Fleet & Asset Management

Solar Powered RFID Tags

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