Fleet Management For The Waste Industry
For Roll-Off Container Tracking & Auto-Complete For Residential Bins

Reduce operational costs, increase inventory control, provide high levels of service and gain unparalleled visibility on your fleet’s day-to-day operation with our powerful fleet management platform for the waste industry. Combining RFID technology with advanced GPS telematics devices, our solutions enable tracking and control of your assets with auto-complete for residential bins and tracking of roll-off containers, bringing an exceptional set of features and efficiency for optimized fleet performance.

Streamline Operations

With auto-complete, streamline your operations by auto-recording every pick-up/drop-off event, removing driver associated errors.

Provide High Levels of Service

Know which asset was picked up and dropped off, when and where and by which truck and driver

Gain Visibility & Control

View and generate reports of the last known location of every asset and for how long it has been parked at the customer's site

Inventory Control

Know the last known location of every roll-off container/asset and for how long it has been parked at the customer’s site, enabling you to bill your customers with accurate, up to the second data. 

Improve Waste Management Efficiency

Zoom in on any GPS position along route, and at a glance know the speed and direction they were moving in as well as length of time on a route, distance traveled, unplanned / planned stops and more.

Geofence Boundaries

Set a geofence boundary radius and get alerts upon exit/entrance of boundary. You can even set a boundary within a boundary!

Auto-Complete For Residential Bins

Streamline waste collection by auto-logging location and pick-up events with integrated RFID, sending the data to the driver’s Android Tablet and to the server. 

Reduce Operational Costs

Reduce operational costs with engine diagnostic alerts and generate reports on battery levels, engine speed, engine load percentage, fuel percentage, fuel consumption, average fuel rate (gal/h) and more

Improve Driver Behavior

Track and manage the following metrics: speeding as compared to the posted limit, hard braking, sharp turns, sudden acceleration and sudden lane crossing.

Pick The Device That Meets Your Needs And Requirements

Passive RFID For Auto Complete for Residential Bins

Ideal for those looking to primarily track waste fleets along with residential bins. This is a cost-effective RFID waste management tracking solution in which a passive RFID tag is placed on every waste bin and a Piccolo BLE telematics gateway with a high-powered passive RFID reader is installed on every truck.

Piccolo BLE For Auto-Complete

Wireless RFTags Integrated with Fleet Management for inventory management. Most suitable for waste management tracking of containers and assets. With this option, a wireless, waterproof Active RFID tag is placed on every waste container and a Piccolo Plus telematics gateway is installed on every truck.


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