Need to Monitor & Track Your Trailers?

What Is The Best GPS Tracker for Semi Trailer Trucks?

GPS Tracker for Semi Trucks: Piccolo Hybrid GPS Semi Trailer Tracking Device

Do you feel that in the dark once your semi trailer trucks are left at job sites waiting to be unloaded & reloaded or leased out for months at a time?

If so, you’re not alone. Day after day , our customers  in the trucking, distribution and rental industries tell us that they struggle to protect their semi trailer trucks from theft & gain visibility on their semi trucks left at job sites when waiting to be unloaded & reloaded.

How to Solve Semi Truck Tracking Challenges

Driver route, driver breaks, trailer theft, maintenance, visibility-  these are the major challenges fleet and operation managers have to deal with on a day-to-day basis with their trailers. If you can relate, you know the importance of having to integrate a dedicated trailer tracking solution.

Trailer tracking differs from vehicle tracking primarily because the trailer is regularly and often hooked and unhooked to numerous tractor cabins, therefore requiring a dedicated solution.

Must have features of semi trailer truck tracking device

  • Must connect to a map software and be cloud based so you can view your semi trucks from anywhere, whether mobile , desktop or laptop.
  • Must have a long life battery back up so the GPS tracking device can continue sending location pings no matter how long the semi trailer is parked.
  • Ability to alert on cargo door open and close so you have complete control 
  • Ability to connect to temperature sensors for transporting temperature sensitive goods and to ensure quality.
  • Ability to connect to your driver’s phone via Bluetooth so he has real-time access to cargo and is in the loop on any new developments.
  • Ability to communicate with RFID sensors for trailer equipment /cargo identification.
  •  Ability to pair to all your semi trucks (cabin) so you have full visibility on cabin- trailer pairing.
  • Driver ID so you know exactly which driver is paired to which cabin and trailer.


Piccolo Hybrid GPS Semi Trailer Tracking Device

Wireless Links provides you with a complete solution for your semi trailer truck tracking needs.

Our solution consists of an integrated approach :

  1. Piccolo Hybrid GPS semi trailer truck tracking device
  2. IOT RFID sensors for cargo tracking or for temperature monitoring of your trailers or cargo
  3. Cloud based software solution for easy access and visibility from anywhere

The Piccolo Hybrid GPS semi trailer truck tracking solution provides you with the visibility and peace of mind that you need when tracking your semi trucks and puts you in control. Best of all, You are able to account for all assets and identify under-utilized trailers with complete visibility over your trailer inventory.

With a unique functionality of operating as a real-time GPS tracker when tethered to power (to the truck) and as an asset tracker with a battery life of up to 5 years once trailers are detached and parked for long periods of time, Wireless Links’ one-of-a-kind Piccolo Hybrid+, a dual mode GPS tracker for trailer, helps businesses:

How it works:

When externally powered (tethered to the power of the trailer), the Piccolo Hybrid operates in real-time vehicle tracking mode sending GPS in high frequency, for example every minute.

Asset Tracking Mode

Once power is disconnected, the Piccolo Hybrid automatically switches to Asset Tracking (AT) mode providing complete visibility onto the whereabouts of your assets, sending a GPS check in 1/ day when parked (user-definable).

Vibration or Motion Mode

In AT Mode, once movement/vibration is detected, the unit will automatically wake up, send an alert and will report more frequently for as long as the vibration continues. For example, every 30 minutes (user configurable).

The Best GPS Tracker for Semi Trailer Trucks - How It Works

Customer Examples

One of our customers uses the Piccolo Hybrid+ to track his refrigerated trailers when they are left at supermarkets waiting to be unloaded and reloaded. They use the device’s advanced functionality to know the exact temperature of the refrigerated trailer at any given time, and they use door open/close alerts to know exactly when the cargo is being unloaded and reloaded.

Another customer drastically increased customer service with route history reports as they could on the spot zoom in on any GPS position along the trailer’s route, and at a glance know the speed and direction the trailer was moving at. Knowing this vital information helped them provide accurate responses to their customers questions.

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