Pallet Tracking GPS devices

GPS Pallet Tracking Solution

Long Life Pallet Tracking Devices

Efficiently monitor and track pallets within warehouses or during transportation using our family of rugged battery-powered asset tracking devices. Benefit from advanced features such as precise location tracking, trip history, movement notifications and tampering alerts.

Integrated seamlessly with our fleet.Net Cloud Platform, our GPS pallet tracking solution revolutionizes your operations by providing real-time visibility and control over your entire operations. With Fleet.Net, you gain valuable insights into pallet utilization, streamline inventory management, and make data-driven decisions to improve overall operational performance.

LoRa GPS Tracking

LoRa For Pallet Tracking In Warehouses

Our LoRa asset tracking system is part of a complete IoT solution. It efficiently transmits precise location and temperature data to the Piccolo gateways, which then seamlessly upload this information to the Cloud for comprehensive monitoring and analysis.

By leveraging LoRa technology, our system eliminates cellular airtime costs, leading to significant savings. 

LoRa (LoRaWAN) GPS Tracker
Solar Powered GPS Tracker

Cellular GPS Tracker

4G Solar Powered GPS Tracker For Pallets

The Piccolo ATMS Solar-powered GPS device, compact in size and equipped with an integrated solar panel, offers an ideal solution for tracking pallets throughout supply chains. Its small footprint and straightforward installation process ensure quick deployment, granting immediate visibility into your operational activities.


Gain Visibility & Control Over Your Pallets

Track and manage assets and heavy equipment on one centralized cloud-based solution including locations, maintenance schedules, usage and more. 

gps tracking device for equipment
Reefer Tracking system geofence boundary

Ensure Security With Advanced Geofencing Capabilities

Secure Your sites with GPS trackers for pallets. Get automated alarms on geofence boundary exits and unauthorized use. Rapidly respond to equipment malfunctions other critical conditions that could jeopardize your valuable assets.

Improve your Financial Outlook​ With Instant Inventory Reporting

Gain visibility into your full  inventory across all your locations:

  1. Track pallets with location and movement history
  2. Improve supply chain management
  3. Improve your customers experience

Pallet Tracking FAQ

Pallet tracking typically involves the use of GPS or RFID technology embedded within or attached to pallets. GPS-enabled devices track pallets in real-time, providing accurate location data throughout their journey within the supply chain. RFID tags, on the other hand, rely on radio frequency identification to communicate with readers installed at various checkpoints, allowing for the identification and tracking of pallets as they move through different stages of the logistics process.

To keep track of pallets, businesses utilize tracking systems that may include GPS devices, RFID readers, or a combination of both technologies. These systems enable continuous monitoring of pallets, allowing companies to know their exact location, movement history, and other relevant information. This data helps optimize logistics operations, improve inventory management, and enhance overall supply chain efficiency.

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