Piccolo STX
Piccolo STX

The STX is an advanced GPS tracker and is ideal for vehicle tracking and fleet management applications. The STX is easily installed, once installed it will monitor driver behavior and will report driving violations as they occur. Violations include sudden acceleration, sudden lane shift, sudden break and sharp turns. In addition, the STX is connected to the vehicle's ECM to read and report the engine diagnostics data. Additionally, external temperature sensors can be wired to the STX to monitor the temperature.

Piccolo Plus
Piccolo Plus

Meeting every market requirement, the Piccolo Plus is suitable for advanced Fleet Management applications with functionalities including:

  • WIFI Router for in-cabin WiFi hotspot.
  • RFLink - Wireless RFTags communicating directly with the Piccolo Plus for asset tagging, inventory and wireless temperature monitoring
  • Passive RFID for driver identification
  • Temperature monitoring - up to 6 wired digital temperature sensors
  • Engine Diagnostics CANbus (OBDII/J1939/J1708)
  • RS232 port for serial devices and more!
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